Essay on Abortion - Right or Wrong?

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Whether abortion is right or wrong, your opinion is most likely based on the values you were brought up with. Leaving my religious views aside, I believe that abortion should continue to be a legal procedure. There are many women and teens who cannot cope with bringing a child into the world or raising a child who is mentally/physically disabled. A child is a big responsibility, requires full attention and has special needs. There are many women having children but not taking full responsibility as a parent to care for them. I am constantly exposed to the reality that, yes, every woman can give birth to a child but not all women can be mothers. Raising a child is a full-time labor intensive process. Almost always, the children who are neglected or abused are usually the ones who grow up to be drug addicts, long term government aid dependents and criminals.
Women who are victims of pregnancy as a result of a rape are traumatized as it is. Not being able to have an abortion as a result of rape would mean that many women might have to raise a child who was conceived by a very damaging action. This would also keep her in anguish for 9 months to be constantly reminded of the violent act committed against her. The child may also be raised without the proper love and affection and would be subject to mental instability. Also, there is always the possibility of the child having tested positive for Downs. A parent may not have the resources or means to give the child proper care in life. They should have the right to terminate as the child would be better off not being born that to live a life of suffering and serious problems.