Essay on Do You Value Life?

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Do You Value Life? Innumerable women have had abortions in Canada, this diabolical action need to stop. Abounding women have reasons to nullify their unborn baby, such as money problems, a rape victim, and fear of raising a child. For whatever reason there is, I think that the termination of an unborn child is unlawful. I saw a video of a baby in a womb at only six weeks and six days old; I clearly saw the baby’s eyes, hands, and heard the heartbeat. Some women might say “It’s only a fetus in the womb, not a baby.” On the other hand others would say “It’s not a baby, not until three months.” Now, what is a heartbeat? A heartbeat is the start of life. If a fetus has a heartbeat doesn’t that mean it has a life? Abortion is murder because you’re taking away an innocent life. You don’t have the right to say that you value life if you agree in abortion.
Many people have become disinterested about abortion. Since they have already been born, abortion is no threat to them personally. Why should they care about someone else’s baby? Think back about the frightful incident 9/11. The terrorists had no value for the lives of the people that is inside that plane. Innocent lives have been taken away. People were terrified; crying had lost hope or the innocent secretaries who desperately tried to leave those buildings. This same lack of value for innocent human life is the direct cause of abortion. Rape victims abort their child for the wrong doing of the father. Women need to think about their unborn babies who are not responsible for any actions of their father. They say that in these cases, it will help them to put the offensive act behind them, recover quickly, and avoid additional trauma of giving birth to a rapist’s child. Let me ask you a question does the cessation of the child benefit the mother? I don’t think so. Why? Because abortion cannot un-rape the victim, she might feel degraded and disgusted/humiliated. Nevertheless she can’t revise the past. It is her choice to leave this horrifying incident behind and think only for the future. Many people around the world have extensive problems, some are worse than a rape victim. Think of the people that are fighting for their life, and here you are taking away a life. You are murdering your own child. A rape that in results pregnancy involves three lives. The rapist, the mother, and the unborn child. The victim should be helped not by abortion, and the rapist should be imprisoned. But to say that abortion is a way of escaping reality is a wrongful act. Think about it, abortion is an intentional violent act that kills an unborn baby. Picture yourself inside your mother’s womb, and she had decided to abort you because of selfish reasons. Without any anesthesia, you are being dismembered and torn apart. The abortionist then plunges a sharp object into the back of your neck and vacuums out your brain. Not a pleasant subject is it? It tears me apart to just imagine the horrific act and my own mother doing that. I did a research and found out that rape victims who have aborted their unborn child are in counseling and it is not for rape but for abortion. Teens facing unwanted pregnancy choose abortion. Why? When a teenager considers abortion, it is influenced by her environment, religious beliefs, and relationship with her parents, and the behavior of her peer or friends. Fear is not the answer to abort. These unborn babies should have the privilege to live and grow up like most of us are privileged to. Not having enough money to raise a child. There are plenty of jobs you can apply to. Take advantage of education or job training programs that are available to help you. Government agencies and non-profit organizations provide a host of opportunities for all job seekers to get training or education. The experience and skills you have developed in the kinds of programs can make a big difference in the success of your job search.