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Fight and Flight reaction- Alarm Stage - This is where your body gets ready to combat whatever the stimulus is. Your digestion decreases so as to allow more blood to your muscles. Your pupils dilate so you can see well. You heart rate increases so that your body can produce more blood for your muscles. Resistance Stage - Your body now combats the events. Your heart rate stays elevated. Your blood pressure increases. You are in a heightened state of awareness. Exhaustion Stage - This is the point where your body reverts back to its normal state. Your heart rate begins to decrease, etc. The exhaustion stage is important because exposing your body to too many stresses can cause high blood pressure
Negative Stress- When you suffer from stress over an extended period, this is called "overstress" which causes negative effects on your body. Stress can affect the whole of the body - both physically and mentally. While you might feel "butterflies in your stomach" before a date or interview, if you were to feel that anxious constantly, it would seriously degrade your standard of life. Stress can also reduce the defenses of your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness, as well as causing skin complaints, headaches, joint pain, high blood pressure and digestive problems. Someone suffering from stress for a long time without finding a solution may even suffer from a mental health breakdown, which can cause difficulties throughout all areas of life.
Positive Stress- Although being stressed is something we generally want to avoid, there are situations where the body's reaction to being stressed can be used to positive effect. Take for example, the athlete, on the day of a big race. He will probably feel a little stressed and nervous, but rather than letting the sensations overwhelm him, he uses it as motivation to reach his goal and achieve what he wants.
Generally, stress can keep us on our toes and inspire us to do more with our lives and take on challenges - a life without stress would be a life without change!
A type- the strict and rigid, perfectionistic
B type- the relaxed individual's C type- takes everything seriously GAS- General Adaptation Syndrome 1. Alarm Reaction 2. Stage of Resistance 3. Stage of exhaustion Common stressors- death, divorce, sickness, debt, and relocating Managing stress- Think positively, Change your emotional response, Embrace spirituality, protect your time, Restore work-life balance, Try meditation, Keep you cool, Maintain a strong social network. Different types of contraceptives- Oral Contraceptives
Oral contraceptive birth control methods can be highly effective when taken as directed (98 percent or better). Most contain the hormones estrogen and progesterone and work by preventing ovulation. These methods should be utilized by younger women who do not smoke and are responsible enough to remember to dose regularly, as missing pills can result in pregnancy. Major side effects that exist with oral contraceptives are increased risk of heart attacks and blood clots, and therefore should only be taken by healthy women. The newest pills like Yasmin, are also said to be useful for other purposes, such as acne and PMS symptoms.

The Sponge
The Today Sponge is a female contraceptive device that must be inserted before intercourse and contains spermicides that offer protection for up to 24 hours. This method is not as effective as the oral contraceptive method, offering 72 percent to 84 percent pregnancy prevention. However, the effectiveness may be decreased for those who have had children. The sponges are available over-the-counter and can be purchased at pharmacies or health stores.

Long Term Options
The IUD is an implanted device that must be placed in the uterus by a physician. The Milena IUD is a hormone-releasing system that prevents pregnancy for up to five years with a 99 percent effectiveness rating. The device is