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Gutierrez, Ana Laura
Anne Shepherd
English 1320
21 Nov 2014


If you go up to a woman right now and ask the question whether she is pro-life or pro-choice she might have an answer. However, what she does not know is that the decision she once made could possibly change if she is the one facing the situation. Even though the pregnancy status does not tell us why women choose abortion, understanding the prevalence of unplanned pregnancy and the lack of use of contraceptives, any background information, and the poor support women get from family, friend, and society, are essential for the understanding of the context in which women seek abortion. Deciding to have an abortion is far more complex than most people suspect: abortions are done under precarious circumstances, women are motivated to seek abortion because of pressure from friends and family, lack of confidence, financial problems, society and career aspirations. (good)

Abortion has been an issue of varying contentions for more than 200 years. Giving the women no opinion at all, forbidding abortion, began in the 1820s. This performance was considered unethical in those days. We could see how women’s right did not exist. The U.S Government had shown a pro-life position. Back then, illegal abortions were still happening. There was a decrease in number when a law banned devices and birth control information. It was until 1973, when abortion was legalized in the U.S. Autonomous rights were set into the Constitution. It was influenced by the legal precedent established in the 1960s, women’s “right to privacy”. Nowadays, things have changed and women have been more motivated to speak for themselves. Abortion is no longer an issue that cannot be treated. Still, people today influence women in the decision taken. In many cases, it is not the women’s choice, but all the tension that is brought from people behind the scenes. From 1987 to 2004, women reporting this type of issues change. It was due to changes in the population, rather than women changing their way of seeing this.

Women are motivated to seek abortion by outside pressure. Having a right of voice is not something women are familiar with in a situation like that of seeking abortion. If you dig deep into this situation and the decision taken, you will notice how women are highly influenced by friends and family. The way the pressure is put on them is what makes a woman take a decision that perhaps was not the one she was expecting. “By 2004, a research done in how parents and or partners affected women’s decision stated that this causes 19% of abortions. This stated that financial difficulties are often the result of lack of support from one’s partner, or lack of a partner altogether; and the financial and emotional responsibility to provide for existing children without adequate resources makes it too hard for some women to care for another child” (Guttchen Institute). (dropped quote)
(a little more E now? What is the conclusion of this paragraph?)

Deciding to have an abortion is far more complex than people suspect. Although abortion occur (typo) in very society, and pregnancies are commonly taken care by abortion, there is a behind the scenes. Pressure exists in every way; economic pressure is a strong one. Raising a child is expensive. The women will no longer think for herself but for a new member. Education will be required and all the basic day a day things for a child. This economic point will have a high impact in the overall decision taken. Not everyone has the economic status to raise a child. A decision of this caliber has to be previous analyzed for it to be the less harmful possible. (and since the thesis claims that most people don’t realize this behind the scenes struggle, I’d analyze more/prove here that this is the case: that people are not