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Madrigal, Gerardo
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Abortion: How Wrong Is It?

It is plain to see that abortions are morally wrong; in addition, the tools used in abortions can cause infections, making abortions no only murder, but a danger to one’s health. In my opinion, when I think of abortions, I think of irresponsible teens taking the easy way out of the most potentially dangerous situation a teen can face. Anyone can get an abortion, with consent, and avoid a life choice. Now granted, adults can undergo the operation too, but from my point of view, they should be charged with an accomplice to murder. Some commit an abortion solely to save money. It is inhumane to kill a defenseless fetus to thrive financially. Selfish people deny someone the chance to live? In any morally right person’s mind, that’s unforgivable. According to a study by Dr. J.C. Willke, “When we peel away the outer layer of the rhetoric, what we find is a callous cost-benefit analysis of solving poverty by killing the unborn children of the poor” (Willke). I believe that after you calculate the costs of having a child from their birth to their eighteenth birthday, you find that the welfare support you could receive can ultimately lend a hand in raising the child, but the taxes you’d pay would definitely throw a paycheck out of balance. Aside from morals, irresponsible doctors could have hygiene problems; because of this, health problems could develop after abortions. Many diseases and irregularities can result after an abortion including, but not limited to, placenta previa, cervical cancer, handicapped newborns in later pregnancies, and overall, a lower general health. Teenagers can face even worse side effects, making abortion an absurd choice for all involved. Statistically speaking and stated by an author going by the alias EI, “Approximately 10% of women undergoing induced abortion suffer from immediate complications, of which one-fifth (2%) were considered major. However the majority of complications take time to develop and will not be apparent for days, months or even years” (EI). As of right now, the majority of doctors who conduct abortions are gynecologists. These doctors specialize in female reproductive health. They usually venture through four years of medical school and take up advanced classes of calculus, organic chemistry, English, anatomy, and physics. I strongly oppose abortions in every instance, but if women have the operation, I believe the doctors should take an extra two year course in medical school to specialize in abortions. Seeing as how abortions are becoming more and more popular, income from being an exclusive abortion performer should be more than enough to pay off the extra course. Abortionists should only be allowed to conduct abortions, and not specialize in more than that field alone. Along with all of this, a self-awareness waiver should not be signed or required by the patients. With these penalties, I feel that a doctor conducting abortions will be a lot more careful with the patients and would give the patients more insight to their risks. Many would say abortion isn’t manslaughter because a fetus isn’t human. Back in 1975, there was a trial against Dr. Kenneth C. Edelin, a doctor who performed abortions. The operation was legal, but he was charged with manslaughter. The jury ignored most of the legal and medical points of the arguments and ended up with Dr. Edelin being pronounced guilty. “Yet twelve men and women found Edelin guilty on February 15 of homicide in the death of a twenty- to twenty-four-week-old fetus during the course of a legal abortion” (Mydans 1). In this case, and many others, a fetus has been defined as living. If a parent kills her toddler, she is arrested and punished. Why should all those involved in an abortion be treated differently? It’s basically premeditated murder. There is also an alternative to some abortions. It still kills fetuses; on the other hand, it is a lot…