Health and Wellness: Family Planning Essay

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February 27, 2013
AH010 Clinical Procedures and Applications 1
Health and Wellness Report
Family Planning

I will be writing a health and wellness report research paper on the topic of family planning. Family planning is the process in which individuals prevent the birth of unplanned children. This topic is a very sensitive one, as some individuals hold religious beliefs that govern their use of birth control. The topic of family planning also includes the controversial concept of abortion. While doing my research on this topic I found that there are three types of contraceptives so I would be writing about the three way of doing family planning.
The first contraceptive I read about is the Artificial Birth Control. There is a diverse array of medical interventions from which an individual can select to prevent pregnancy. Artificial birth control comes in a plethora of forms spanning from traditional birth control pills to more contemporary options such as inner uterine devices (IUDs). Each artificial birth control method has its own benefits and weaknesses (“Schreiner”). Many artificial birth control methods are accompanied by a large list of warnings and potentially negative side effects. These side effects range from mild to severe, even including potential hazards like an increased risk of stroke associated with product use. Many individuals are leery of artificial birth control due to the potential side effects. Also, many devoted religious followers abstain from using artificial birth control as the practice is seen as standing in the way of god’s will and, as such, is not permitted in some religion (“Schreiner”).
One of the next means of family planning is Natural Brith Control. Some individuals can also engage in family planning through the use of natural birth controls such as the charting of a woman’s menstrual cycle or the pull-out method, I feel that this method does not really work because you can still conceive from doing these methods, but some individuals select these methods as they are aligned with their religious beliefs and do not present any potential side effects, making them safer than artificial birth control. Others use natural birth control because they worry about the affect of artificial birth control on a woman’s fertility (“Schreiner”). While there has been no proven link between artificial birth control and infertility, many contend that altering natural cycles through the use of medication negatively affects a woman’s ability to become pregnant later in life. The main drawback of natural birth control is its effectiveness. Natural birth control methods are significantly less reliable than artificial methods as there are many variations to women’s cycles, and human error