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Jonquila Montgomery
24 September 2012
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A woman’s right to choose prolife or prochoice is her decision as a society we should only be concerned that she has the tools needed to decide what is better for her. It not anyone’s decision but her at the end of the day. Why should the government be in control of a woman’s body when we cannot even control the media and how it’s depicted? It’s the woman who must make the decision on how she wants to handle the responsibility of the decision. We cannot continue as a society to criticize and punish when they are doing what’s better for them. Are you going to be there to adopt the child in the event that she decides to place the baby in adoption? We have so many children whom are waiting to be adopted and they are being overlooked. If a child is not adopted by the age of 5 the ratio will continue to decline and eventually this child will be a ward of the state until they are 18. Are you helping this child whom thinks the world has turned their back on them? Even some rappers have made a stand and voice their opinion “And since a man cannot make one, He has not right to tell a woman when and where to create one.” 2Pac Keep Ya Head Up
I am Pro-Choice a woman should have a choice; we are not second class citizens. How can the government tell me on how I can live my life, is this not the land of the free. The government wants to issue a ban on abortions and have not defined why. Abortion is defined by Merriam Webster as “termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, or resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus.” We cannot determine on how a woman lives and depicts her life.
The government has mandated ultrasounds for women whom are considering abortion. Why are we forcing the mother to view an image of child that she does not want, are we enforcing a guilt trip or is this to educate the mother? This is considered a forced medical procedure and why are you forcing them to have this procedure but not a procedure of their choice. How anti-choice laws restrict medical access did you know that if a female officer of the armed services is raped and she becomes pregnant she has to pay for the cost to terminate this pregnancy. This is a critical part in women’s reproductive health and they are being denied. The government should not be able to mandate the laws on the abortion, when the act that was passed by originally was passed by George Bush in 2003 outlining that generalization and it did not include more protection of women who are pregnant due to a rape or incest. These women are treated no differently than any other woman. Why can they not be given the abortion will the pregnancy is a result of rape. The victim has already been humiliated and tortured and we as the government want to continue this mental anguish on this patient. “Each year in the US 10,000-15,000 abortions are performed on pregnant women whom were a result of a rape or incest.” However there is not an accurate record on women who have carried a pregnancy to term that was a result of a rape or incest. Many rape cases are not reported and if they result in a pregnancy this also go unreported. A woman’s choice to choose what is best for her and her family, wither is morally wrong or religious. In conclusion, if we provide the tools and education for a woman she can be better equipped