Abortion Vs Pro Life Essay

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Pro-life and Pro-choice Abortion is the ending of an unborn fetus life. There are many thing to think about when it comes to the decisions that revolve around abortion. Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice there are many things that make the debate. Religion is one of the biggest things that controls this debate. Ethics and morals are another thing that can decide your position. What constitutes the rights for an abortion, is it justified and safe for a women? As the debate of pro-life and pro-choice continues to proceed on, we wonder what comes next. Life begins at fertilization. This is when the male sperm and the female ovum come together to form 46 new chromosomes out of their starting 23. “Some believe that even though there may be life, or potential life, or however one wants to refer to the fetus, that denying a women the right to an abortion is denying her control of her body.” (Williams 39) This is one of the main concern of a women in the debate of abortion. Is pro-life denying her the right to her own body? The fetus is growing as it is …show more content…
There are many things that make this hard to determine. While abortion can have no effects at all there have been many reported cases that point to physical trauma and even mental anguish. Any type of surgery or medical procedure if not done right can lead to complications. Nancy Jo Mann a young woman had gotten the bad end of the spectrum. Mann had a horrible feeling and eventually got an infection that lead to a hysterectomy. Nancy Jo Mann said, “Beforehand, I liked myself. I had never entertained the idea of abortion. But the minute that needle went through my abdomen, I hated it, because I knew it could not be reversed. I wanted to scream, ‘Don’t do this to