Abortions: Accessible Abortion Essay

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The conversation about abortion is often too complex and one that gets a lot of people’s blood boiling; it conjures up notions of debates and controversy that dates back as far as 1973. In the Roe vs. Wade case, a case that marked a pivotal point in the movement toward women’s rights, women had the right to an accessible abortion under the 14th amendment. This case sparked a national controversy that continues today. For years, women have fought for their rights and equality. Women who seek out abortions are not criminals or murders. Most are morally competent, intelligent women making well thought out, conscientious and informed choices that they should not feel apologetic for because they are defending their constitutional right. The respect to exercise the “choice” about our bodies including what is best for them without fear of the consequences. There are many reasons as to why a woman may need an abortion. Some include financial stability, age or an unhealthy fetus. However, a woman has the right to a safely accessible abortion if she is the victim of rape/incest or she runs the risk of life endangerment.
Before women had the right, to abortions, it is hard to estimate the thousands of deaths and injuries that occurred from botched abortions (Joffe, Carole). When a woman needs an abortion she may go to drastic measures to make sure that she can have one including endangering her own life. Going through some gruesome measures such as vaginal scarring deformation and an abundance of pain to end a pregnancy is unimaginable. Keeping abortion legal means keeping women safe regardless of social status, health care providers or any laws because abortions are a woman’s reproductive choice. If countries across the world kept abortions safe, we could ensure the safety of women who chose to end their pregnancies. When seeking out an abortion women should have the ability to go to a safe clinic. A clinic where she would not face ridicule, judgment or shame to show her face, this clinic should provide her with the proper medication and a well-trained staff like any other medical procedure requires. Unfortunately, this is not always the case causing many women to seek out abortions by uneducated staff causing unnecessary deaths due to unsafe abortions. It’s been estimated that 68,000 women die worldwide every year from unsafe abortions. This statistic leads to a case fatality of 367 deaths per 100,000 unsafe abortions (Switzerland, 2004). Future fertility issues, illnesses or infections caused by unsafe abortions should not be a concern for a woman that has already undergone a traumatic abortion. It is estimated that 2% of women that are of a reproductive age are unfertile due to unsafe abortion while another 5% end up with chronic infections (Switzerland, 2004) .Women have the right to choose and should have a safe legal way of doing so. Honoring women and their choice with dignity, bravery, and autonomy is ethically correct because it is her life only she knows what is right for her circumstances and her health should automatically trump the rights of any law. It is important for anyone who supports woman’s rights to understand why we need to keep abortions accessibly safe and legal. Women have the freedom to make individual decisions about their own reproductive health. With this choice comes dignity for all women. The right to choose is important, because preserving one life can sometimes mean killing another. Having a life endangering pregnancy is not something you think of when you find out you’re pregnant, but there are situations where a woman’s body is inadequately prepared for pregnancy, much less the delivery of a baby. An abortion is necessary to protect a women’s life when it may claim her own. It is imperative that a person realize that abortion is a women’s own right and choice. For parents in a situation where the fetus is going to die if the pregnancy is carried to term being able to help a woman solve this