Essay on Abortion: Abortion and Proper Sex Education

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Abortion is a worldwide issue that is often a source of major controversy. For various reasons women may find themselves in situations where abortion may be an option or a simple solution to their problem. Controversy with abortion stems mainly from difference in beliefs, morals and ethics. While some people believe that one should have the right to choose, others believe that it's murder and should be illegal. According to media net quick facts and statistics Unintentional pregnancies is the leading cause of abortion and that 4 in 10 women who become pregnant will choose abortion. In 2011 alone 1.06 million abortions were done.
Unintentional pregnancies; teen pregnancies, unplanned pregnancies, financial constraints are often the reason one chooses abortion. Attacking these issues may help in lowering the rates per year or even provide a solution to some of the root cause of the problem. Some believe that implementing proper sex education classes in schools can help attack the issue because teenagers will be aware of the risk and will utilize their knowledge to make better decisions to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Also expansions in adoption programs, counseling and improved family planning services may serve as alternative options for for women who feel that abortion is the only option. Another option is increased support for women and children such as wic programs, medicaid etc. Tho it might be costly to fund some of these programs, or