According To The Author, What Are The Sources For Reviewing The Journal?

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Chapter 1 – Introduction Choice of Topic

1. According to the author, what are the three things that should guide your choice of a topic to study?? (p. 21)

2. After you choose a topic, what are the two ways the author mentions for reviewing the research? (p. 22)

The Literature Review

3. If you consult an expert by email about a topic, what is the most important thing to do to ensure a reply? (p.22)

4. The author mentions four sources of reviewing the literature. What are they? (pp. 22-23)

5. What are the strengths of weaknesses of conference presentations? (p. 23)

6. What are the strength and weaknesses of book chapters? (p. 23)

7. What is usually the best source for reviewing research? (p. 24)

8. *What makes this source the best?

9. *What databases are available at EMCC? (Name those most important for finding psychology)?

10. *What kind of articles should be looked up?

11. *Why is the internet a relatively poor source for citing research?

Focusing on a Specific area of Research

12. What are the two most important considerations for properly focusing your research? (p. 25)

Choice of Method

13. When choosing a method, what strengths and weaknesses need to be kept in mind? (p. 25)

Choice of Hypothesis

14. What is a hypothesis and what is its importance in planning research? (p. 26)

Choice of Research Design

15. *What is the difference between a design and a method?

Measurement in Psychology

16. What are the three types of behaviors studied and