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Study Guide: Module/Week 1
Day Assignment Est. Time to Complete Point Value
M Read Syllabus and Course ScheduleComplete CRC
Watch Introduction to HIUS 221 Video
Complete Class Introductions DB 20 minutes
10 minutes
10 minutes
30 minutes 10 points
T Watch Introduction to Module Video
Read McClay: pages 1–35
Read Textbook Chapter 1
Complete Chapter 1 Study Plan (MyHistoryLab) – See Additional Materials folder 10 minutes
45 minutes
1 hour 20 minutes
1 hour W Read Textbook Chapter 2, pages 34–49
Read “Instructions for the Virginia Colony, 1606”
Read excerpt from History of Plymouth Plantation
Read “A Model of Christian Charity”
Watch “Early American Colonies” video 45 minutes
45 minutes
45 minutes
45 minutes
10 minutes TH Read Textbook Chapter 2, pages 50–63
Complete Chapter 2 Study Plan (MyHistoryLab)-See Additional Materials folder
Watch “Americans in the Marketplace” video
Complete Module/Week 1 Personal Reflections Journal Entry minutes
1 hour
10 minutes
30 minutes 20 points
F Complete Chapter 1 Exam (MyHistoryLab)- See Additional Materials folder
Complete Chapter 2 Exam(MyHistoryLab) – See Additional Materials folder 30 minutes
30 minutes SA Review course materials, including notes on additional readings and presentations
Complete Course Materials Quiz 1 1 hour
1 hour 45 points
M Begin Module/Week 2 or Finish Module/Week 1 Totals 13 hours 75 points
The usual weekly schedule is set Tuesday–Monday and excludes Sundays. This is a guideline to help you