Accountability in the workplace Essay

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Accountability in the workplace.

Corrica Wrenfro

Eleanor Milo Abstract
In reading this paper the reader will get a definition of accountability and will be able to see how the importance of accountability affects the health care industry they will get a outlook on how accountability is measured and how it relates to culture. The reader will see how accountability measures in the healthcare industry and what makes it so important to the industry. In conclusion the will also see how accountability helps advance the industry and how healthcare is setup to perform at an exceptional level.

Accountability in the workplace.

Accountability is the procedure and process that an individual takes responsibility for its activities Accountability in healthcare means having professional competence. The procedures for evaluating compliance and for disseminating the evaluation and responses by the accountable parties. Accountability in health care being professional in which the physician and patient participate in shared decision making and physicians are held accountable to professional colleagues and to patients. Accountability has been broke up into three models for healthcare: the professional model the economic model and the political model. The professional model is setup to help guide the relationship between the patient and the physician. The economic model is designed to guide the relations between managed care plans employers governments and professional associations. Meaning that accountability drives the success for the healthcare industry accountability gives healthcare a focus point helps to line the industry and input direction for them to use to be a successful industry. Account ability plays a huge part in the outcome of health care facilities. Being accountable has to be one of the first thoughts of a health care worker because many things can take place when dealing with people that are sick or have deadly diseases. Being able to be accountable for actions is very important in the healthcare field because everyone has a very important and demanding job to perform.
Measuring Accountability
Measuring accountability in employees’ means setting goals that can be tracked. Set specific goals for each employee so that the performance level can be monitored. Analyze objective measurements like attendance. A supervisor or manager can implement a point scale to measure the final performance for each employee position. The point scale is to make sure the position is flowing as it is setup to perform/ The measuring of accountability is for the overall position and not directly the employee measuring accountability in employee mean making sure the job that is being performed is being performed at a high capacity. Measuring accountability in employees is important to ensure that what has been set for the position is being accomplished that the direction for the company is being handled. Ethics is a practical aspect to many health care leaders that help them to shape practical aspect to many health care leaders that help them to shape practices in the organization and enhancing their decision making process. Ethics is truly language that all professionals in the health care organization that provide them with a common purpose and give them a shared accountability. Components of ethics such as management ethics and clinical ethics are based on the concepts of accountability in the healthcare organization for the guide in moral co-fiduciaries vital in creating trust toward the patient population. Healthcare organization leaders should work to enable other stakeholders such as government agencies, payers, and physicians who are the equal partners in the protection of interest of the patient population. The leaders should ensure that the culture of the