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Crash Reconstruction Training Naithan Gurule
Saint Leo University

Abstract An interview was conducted with Officer Jesus Sedillos on June 1st 2015. Officer Sedillos is a police officer with a police department in New Mexico. Officer Sedillos has been a police officer for eight years and is responsible for investigating fatal crashes. Officer Sedillos has received advanced training in crash reconstruction.
Key words- Crash Reconstruction, Event Data Recorder, Drag Factor.

On June 1st 2015 I conducted an interview with Officer Jesus Sedillos. Officer Sedillos is responsible for investigating serious and fatal crashes.
Q.) How long have you been a police officer?
A.) 8 years
Q.) Since becoming a police officer, were you always interested in investigating fatal crashes?
A.) Yes, this was something that I became interested in after helping other officers who
Q.) What type of training is required to properly investigate serious and fatal crashes?
A.) There is no specific training requirement but it is recommended that an officer who investigates serious and fatal crashes attend At-Scene, Advanced, and Crash Reconstruction.
Q.) Is there a specific company or school that officers should attend to receive this crash reconstruction training?
A.) The most attended or well known by police are Northwestern University Center for Public Safety and the Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM).
Q.) What school did you attend?
A.) I have attended several training classes with having to do with reconstruction. The first crash training I received was in the basic police academy. The first reconstruction type of training that I went to was through Public Agency Training Council, their At-Scene crash investigation. This class was three days long and covered the beginning of crash reconstruction. The next training class I attended was through the Institute of Police Technology and Management. I attended their Advanced crash investigation and their crash reconstruction class. I have also attended their pedestrian/bicycle crash reconstruction class.
Q.) What type of fatal crashes have you investigated?
A.) I have investigated several fatal crashes.