Acts of Parliment Essay

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Ridgway Park School
Acts of Parliament
Name: Date: 03/11/2008
NVQ: Caring for Children and Young People Level: 3
|Acts of Parliament |
|Act |What’s it about? |Policies or Procedures |
|Data Protection Act 1988 |Confidentiality and when it can |Data Protection Act 1988 I adhere to this act on a daily basis. Completing the daily records |
| |be broken, how you write records |in the YP’s files. Reading any updates to the information contained within. Behaviour |
| |and what you can say, what |management, medical details, risk assessments or any children protection issues. |
|HSC 32 |personal information may be kept,|The data protection act 1988 replaced all of the data protection act 1984 and the access to |
|KS 4a |for how long and in what way. |personal files act 1987. It also replaced most the Access to Health Records Act 1990. |
| | |Ridgway Children’s services have a policy on Data Protection. |
|HSC 31 | |Confidentiality is a major issue within the social care sector. Individuals have a right to |
|KS 5b | |access information held about them. access can be refused to all or part for certain reasons. |
| | |e.g. where viewing the information is likely to cause harm to the physical or mental health of|
|HSC34 | |the data subject or another person. Withholding of information is expected only in |
|KS 8a | |exceptional circumstances. Anyone denied access has the right to appeal to the courts or |
| | |information officer. |
|HSC326 | |Writing Records - when writing and records the rules of confidentiality always applies and |
|KS 6a, | |bear in mind that the service user has access to these records. Recording should be clear, |
| | |concise and to the point. |
|Freedom of Information Act |Enables people to gain access to |Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives ordinary people the right to request information from |
|2000 |information held by public |public authorities e.g. statistics, decision and policy making. Information on services users|
| |authorities. |remains confidential and still lies under the Data Protection Act. Therefore it is important |
|HSC326 | |to understand the relevant legislation, to act within the guidelines. |
|KS 6a, | | |
|Human Rights Act 1998 |Gives further effect in the UK to|The Human Rights Act 1998 (the European Convention on Human Rights). |
| |the rights and freedoms set out |- Article 2, Everyone's right to life shall be protected by law.