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What were some cause and effects from the stamp act?

The Stamp Act was imposed on the colonies for England to get much needed money. Items could only be sold with a Tax stamp on the item. Parliament needed the money in 1765 to pay for the French and Indian War (1754-1763). The colonies boycotted English manufactured goods. The manufactures forced Parliament to drop the Stamp Tax. Parliament said they could pass an act anytime they wanted to, the colonies ignored the threat.,

the stamp act caused rebellion and protesting throughout the colonies. also colonists boycotted British things, tarred and feathered British Soldiers, and resented British government including Parliment.

The colonists were mad that the stamp act forced them to pay a tax on all printed material. Therefore, they made speeches to protest, burnt stamps, and threatened stamp tax collectors.

King George the 3rd was a British king. People known as "Loyalists" were loyal to the king. Others were called "Patriots" those were the people that hated the king (because of the stamp act, ask to find about the stamp act!)

The stamp act was imposed by British Parliament. No one was in favor of the act. Not the merchants and not the colonies. This was Britain's first official attempt to take govern of the colonies

Why was the stamp act a cause of the American Revolution?

I know this act was opposed by the colonies because of mainly two points:
A.The British parliament had interfered colonial affairs by directly taxing them.
B. It taxed them without their consent (their as in the colonists) and by passing the Stamp Act without consulting the colonial legislation, the parliament had ignored the colonial tradition of self-governing. since the colonists were starting to think that the British parliament were conspiring against the colonies that it led to tension…