Address Unknown Short Story

Words: 446
Pages: 2

Authors use specific narrative techniques in their writing to reveal history to their readers. In the historical fiction short story, “Address Unknown,” by Kressmann Taylor, the relationship between Max and Martin is altered due to the time period. Max and Martin were very close friends and business partners who communicated between their galleries and told each other the latest news. Later in the short story, Hitler comes into power and they turn against each other. A piece of evidence that shows how their relationship was at the beginning of the short story is when Max signs his letter to Martin with, “Your ever affectionate, Max.” This shows how close they were because most people would just sign a letter with, “sincerely” or “yours truly.” …show more content…
Martin cared so much for Max and also Griselle and wanted her to know that. Only business partners who are as close as them would put something like this in their letters. A piece of evidence that shows how their relationship changed is when Martin writes, “Can I risk being arrested for harboring a Jew and lose all I have built up here?” Before Germany was turned against the Jews, Martin would definitely have gone out of his way to protect Max and his family, especially with Griselle, the Jew he didn’t hide, being his ex-lover. Instead of protecting her like he should have and would have previously, he turned her away and she was killed by the stormtroopers. This demonstrates Martin’s betrayal to Max and a drastic change in their relationship. Another piece of evidence that shows a change is when Martin writes, “Uncle Solomon will be very glad to see you.” This shows a change because he uses a Jewish name, therefore, trying to get him in trouble for being