Essay about Adolf Hitler and Martin Luther King

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Douglas Pattison
Professor Torrez-Gonzalez
English 1A-1232
22 January 2015
Are Words Things Dr. Maya Angelou's “claim that words are things that we must be careful on how we use because they eventually get into us?” I agree that words are things and the ways words are things, how we use them affect us and the people we use them for and against that they have a lasting effect on people that we know and the ones that have yet to come to be. Words can leave behind a lasting effect on people and things for a long time to come if you look at events in history most of the major affect come from words. Martin Luther King, Jr. used his words and his passion in those words to change on how we live today if he didn’t use his words and instead use violence to try and solve the problem then we might still be segregated as a country. The way he use his words was what started the change for us. While other people were taking the other way then Martin Luther King, Jr. did they were trying to use force to change the country but were not having the same effect as he did they were cause Martin Luther King, Jr. to work harder to use his words to convince them that they were equal and were not low then ever one else. Martin Luther King, Jr used his words and passion to bring people to his way of thinking to shape our nation his word had a major affect that is how words are things.

Now it is time to go to the dark side of how words are things and how when they are used in this way they can change the world and history but there is a price that will be paid. Adolf Hitler greatest weapon was not a gun, soldiers, or a gas it was his ability to use his words to get people to follow what he said and believe him. He used his word to convince his people that it was not their faults for the way of life have become but it was the fault of other and with the passion of the way he spoke his people believed him it was his passion that gave his word power. With his words he was able to do horrible thing but he was loved by his people until he wasn’t able to speak to them any longer with him not being able to speak to his people the he was no long able to mesmerize them they were starting to see what they had done. This is just some of the things that thought out history that words have done both good and bad. Words are things and they are like weapons and like all weapons it is not them that hurt people it is the people.

Some people might say that words aren’t things because words cannot hurt you but I think that words have power like anything else have. They can hurt us not physically but mentally and that can be even worst then