Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Features of SNS
A common theme of social networking is the creation of a shareable personal profile .Typically, users
1. Create a profile for them,
2. Connect with other users by sending a “friend” request, which needs to be accepted or denied,
3. Manage lists of friends, use a search engine to find them and invite them from their email accounts,
4. Send messages of various types (mostly email, but some sites use instant messaging as well),
5. Post photos in galleries, tag them, and share them with others, and
6. Customize a range of aspects, from layout and design, to function and selective disclosure of information to different audiences.
1.9 Uses of Social Networks by Faculty members and Scholars
1.9.1 Use by Faculty members
From students to master 21st century types of skills such as social networking and Web 2.0 faculty must be trained
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The teachers or the mentors should educate the students to how to use the social media for better purposes. Replace online procrastination by social education
It is generally seen that social media these days is being used for making their individuality felt on the virtual world. Therefore, it is important for students and youth to understand that this entertainment mode can also be used for creating social awareness and connecting them to more professional and knowledgeable world. Social Media encourages collaboration instead of cliques
Traditional education tactics often involve teacher-given lectures, students with their eyes on their own papers, and not talking to their neighbour. Social media as a teaching tool has a natural collaborative element. Student’s critique and comment on each other’s assignments work in teams to create content and can easily access each other and the teacher with questions or to start a discussion. Cell phones aren’t the