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The three social media networks I will describe and discuss in this assignment are: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I have an account for all three, but I don’t use all three equally. I just started a LinkedIn account during my other class, before this one. LinkedIn is a social media site that allows businesses to keep up to date with employees, vice-versa. It also allows users to post their resume for businesses to hopefully approve of and hire said user. Another thing LinkedIn does is allows users to communicate with businesses, coworkers, and even new fellow users. The next social media site I will discuss is Twitter. I believe Twitter is the Pepsi of the social media world. Once Facebook was invented, and literally took over the Internet, there had to be some sort of competition. Facebook couldn’t just monopolize the social media world. I don’t use Twitter as much as I do Facebook just because I believe Facebook was made for computer users and Twitter was made for smart phone owners. I, for one, do not have a smart phone and that limits my use of Twitter significantly. The things that differentiate Twitter from Facebook are the fact that Twitter is basically just Facebook status updates and the ability to follow whoever you want, in the world, and keep up to date with them (without having to creep their profile really). Last, but certainly not least, I will discuss Facebook. Facebook was first created by “nerds” comparing and contrasting different girls from their school (Hot or Not is what it is called now). That turned into a website that allowed you to keep up to date with all of your friends and family members, in one place. I sometimes use Facebook to express my opinions on certain subjects as well. Facebook is the voice we never had, basically. One advantage, like I mentioned earlier, is the ability to keep up with the current events of your friends and family. You can literally search someone’s name and see everything, they found important enough to share, on their timeline or profile page. The things you can see range from, friends getting married, family members having birthdays, someone having a baby, or even someone losing or gaining employment somewhere. Another advantage of social media is the ability to meet new people, without actually going out and meeting new people. It negates any awkwardness or nervousness one might have when meeting someone new. I prefer to meet people in person, to be honest, but not everyone is the same. This, I believe, is also a disadvantage of social media. The ability to meet new people, without having to leave the house, is quite scary to me. If you have ever seen the movie “Wall-E” you know what I am talking about. People resulting to meeting people online, and never meeting them in person, will be the end of humanity. I could be exaggerating, though. I just think that people should meet people, in person. Anyone can display