Advantages Of Interior Design

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 Physical differences :
- Brain differs according to sex: while it was well known that a difference in size between male and female brains exists, there is now evidence that there are significant differences in the size of certain structural parts of the brain, according to gender (Zaidi, Gender Differences in Human Brain: A Review 2010)
Their brains show anatomical, functional and biochemical differences in all stages of life. These differences begin early during development due to a combination of genetic and hormonal events and continue throughout the lifespan of an individual, (Zaidi, Gender Differences in Human Brain: A Review 2010), Also, an average male brain has approximately 4% more cells and 100 grams more brain tissue than an average
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Comfortable and functional, harmonious and modern interior design ideas have a universal appeal, they explain. Still, if a man and a woman like one interior design style and have one favorite color, their design and room decorating ideas, solutions and realizations can be very different.
Interior design for a couple should find interesting and appealing to both, a woman and a man, interior design ideas, attractively blending their tastes and personal preferences. Modern room design ideas should offer peace and comfort, balance and harmony, luxury and elegance, bringing more joy and optimism into men and women interior spaces. (Interior Design Ideas, Textures and Colors for Men and Women n.d.)
Modern interior decorating ideas are often versatile and suitable for guys and girls. It is more difficult to create interior decorating with the gender differences in min. According to scientific researches, guys and girls see interiors very differently, and one of modern interior design trends offer guys and girls oriented decorating ideas in an attempt to please men and women. (Striking Gender Differences in Modern Interior Design and Decorating for Guys and Girls