adventure in florida Essay

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I buckle on my flippers and weight belt and proceed to strap on my vest. After a quick check to make sure oxygen is flowing I put on my mask and make my way to the back of the boat. I look to my right and grin at my mom; with Miami in the rearview mirror we’re ready for our adventure in Florida. The everglade terrain, swampy green pools with roots disappearing under the surface. I keep my eyes glued to the window endlessly searching, trying to spot my first alligator. The only thing separating the swamp environment from the highway is a chain fence and a strip of grass so it’s kind of dangerous. “Do you think the fence is there to keep the alligators off the road?” I asked my mom.

“I suppose it’s there to keep any wild animal from getting to the highway, “she answers. We continue chatting as we approach our destination. First stop: Kermit’s Key Lime shop. There was key lime peanut brittle, barbeque sauce, honey, cookies, taffy, tea, chip dip, fudge, hot sauce, salsa, and strangely even key lime oil. Mom and I get two slices of pie to eat on the road. Next stop: John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park where we go straight to the dive center to check in for our 11:15 dive trip. I love riding in boats, cutting through the brilliant blue surface sending up a sea mist that allows you to breathe in the ocean. I love the feeling of the boat rocking and jumping as it hits the waves of another vessel, though I wouldn’t want to try