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Covergirl Colorlicious Gloss Advertisement"


America is captivated by beauty and infatuated with keeping up with the Joneses.

Advertisers play on the fact that Americans crave the next big thing. A great ad can enhance a product and add value to it. CoverGirl products sell makeup. Their advertisements however promote a flirtatious and seductive lifestyle. CoverGirl uses bright colors, timing and the technical aspects of advertising to promote a flirtatious representation of women." "

Advertisers use rhetorical devices to sell their product and other messages they

are trying to convey. Rhetorical tools help persuade a potential consumer that this is the product they need. Ads key in on the logos, pathos, ethos and kairos of a product to get the full effect. Using logos, companies use logical reasons to convince a customer why they need this product in their day to day life. Pathos connects to the audience’s emotional needs. Using heartfelt words and images, advertisers can better cohere to emotional aspects of their consumers. By developing their brand, companies can add to their credibility, or ethos. A potential consumer will buy a product from a more trusted company rather than an unpopular one because of the reputation the more trusted one has. Kairos, or timing and placement can add to the success of an advertisement. 

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Printing an ad at a certain time or placing it in a certain way can positively influence a consumer. Rhetorical devices help make an advertisement successful and can completely change the way it is viewed by a potential consumer. "

The advertisement for Colorlicious Lip Gloss features large and glossy lips

seductively biting a tube of lip gloss. The hot pink lips and perfect pearly whites are the main focus of the advertisement and the largest picture on the paper. The advertisement follows a bold and bright color scheme to suggest a fun lifestyle and to attract a potential consumer. The bright and colorful lips are on clear and smooth skin.
The snow white skin allows the pink lips to pop and capture the reader’s attention. The lip gloss tube is the same shade as the lips and says “SAY SOMETHING JUICY!” in the middle of the tube in white font. The white font draws the reader’s attention to the tube of lip gloss.Towards the bottom right corner of the page are three more tubes of lip gloss with three different colors, showing variety. On the bottom of the advertisement a banner of different women’s lips line the page with assorted gloss colors on. By using women of different races and colors shows potential consumers that everyone can look beautiful using this product. The bright color scheme and attention to detail attracts a reader and makes them want to know more about the product. "

Implicit messages in advertisements suggest what the company is trying to

portray without words. CoverGirl placing their Colorlicious Gloss advertisement in
People Magazine is no coincidence. People Magazine is known for celebrity gossip and the latest fashion trends. The theme of the magazine is suggesting partying, gossip and fun. CoverGirl’s brightly colored makeup advertisement is situated in the fashion section of the magazine. By including this advertisement in People and using logos and kairos,

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CoverGirl targets the correct audience. It could be assumed that those who read People
Magazine are interested in the next big thing and latest trend. Consumers seeing celebrities out and partying could trigger the connection between this product and that lifestyle. The ad suggests that those who wear this product enjoy life and themselves because of the theme of the magazine. The implicit messages, logos and kairos help target the correct audience and make the advertisement more effective. "

Technical aspects of the advertisement may not seem apparent to an average

consumer, but they contribute to the