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English essay

Both source 5 and 6 are adverts aimed at working adults. Source 5 ‘Oxfam advertisement’ is a direct advert whereas, source 6 ‘Ben’s diary’ is a letter written in diary form. Both sources are written to inform, advertise and persuade people to donate to their charity.
Source 5 uses effective vocabulary to engage with the reader. “I’m in” and “Change more.” These phases persuade the reader to donate by making them feel important. The phase ‘change more’ makes readers feel like they can make a difference. Equally source 6 uses effective vocabulary to engage with the reader. “Sleeping rough,” “nightmare” and “got beaten up.” The use of colloquial language makes it see less like an appeal and more like a real life extract. Therefore making the reader feel sympathetic and resulting in donations.
Source 5 uses statistics to emphasise their point. “Give £5 a mouth to Oxfam.” Earlier in the text it tells you that on average most people spend “over £5 a mouth per person” on chocolate. By asking for £5 it highlights the fact that for the same amount that most people spend on chocolate you can change the life of someone desperately in need and less fortunate then themselves. Similarly source 6 uses statistics to prove a point. “12 GCSE’s and 5 A Levels.” Stating his qualifications conjures in the readers mind a bright young person with great prospects for a bright future, some one you would expect to go places and achieve the unachievable, not ends up on the street fighting for survival like he did. This challenges the stereotypical view that all homeless people are free willed, rebellious, drug addicted alcoholic that screwed up their lives and don’t deserve help. Instead giving the idea that these people are worth helping.
Source 5 uses repetition to underline the contrast between jobs in different countries. “Cocoa farmers… cocoa farmers… farmers… farmers… farmers”