The Process Of Advertising

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The process I would like to start with is where I used to work for 20 years. It was a weekly newspaper and it would start with the advertising process. Customers would call, or our salespeople would call on the customer to see if they would want to advertise in our newspaper. We would meet with them and decide what type of advertising they would be interested in and what their budget would be. We could run a small ad like a classified ad or even inserts, sales flyers inserted into the newspaper. It is a weekly newspaper. If you chose the inserts you could have them inserted into different communities if you wanted or have them delivered to all 43,000 residents. After the salesperson decided what kind of advertising they wanted and what their budget would be, they would come up with some rough drafts of different kinds of advertisements and if they needed we could also design a logo for them. The customer would meet and go over the different styles of the ads and decide which one would be the best for their business. If they customer would decide to place the ads continuously throughout the year they would sign a contract that would give them a better rate. The ads are priced per column inch. Whether it be every week, every other week or once a month. They could change the ad every time it would run or just keep it the same so that the people get used to seeing it. I know that we had people that would call and ask us to look up the phone number because the ad had stuck in their head. After deciding how much they want to advertise and their sign their contract the ad would start running in the paper. It is a great community paper, one that people call if it is on their doorstep first thing Thursday morning, the phones would be ringing off the hook and it is also a free paper. People just love it, which is unusual in this day of technology. We even had a lot of people that would request the paper be mailed to them when they went South for the winter. We had a lot of restaurants that would put coupons in and then readers would come in and get all of the papers that we had left at the office. Then we had carriers deliver all 43,000 papers by hand. It turned out it was cheaper to pay carriers to deliver them that it was to have them bulk mailed. It was really cute, there were so many of the readers that would greet the carrier