Advertising: Brand and Natural Beauty Essay

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BUSI 3333 (01) – Assignment #1 – Branding

Background: For our branding assignment our group chose to explore two different companies: Dove and Axe. The reason we chose these two brands is because both are owned by the same parent company, Unilever. Through research we have found that although both brands are connected in this way, they are completely different in their marketing strategies, yet are both successful.

1A) Dove is differentiated from its competitors with its unique advertising techniques that play to women’s emotions and sense of self. Its logo and packaging embodies natural beauty. As all of Dove’s advertisements also feature real women with real bodies, in their real lives, women from across the globe feel inspired by these commercials. As opposed to top competitor, Herbal Essences, which uses celebrity endorsement, Dove represents its mission of natural beauty and being comfortable in your own skin, which every woman can relate to.

B) Axe is differentiated from its competitors as it uses hyper-sexualized stimuli to attract men to buy their products. Their logo and packaging is very masculine. The dark packaging and florescent logo is eye catching. In their advertisements they show that if a man uses their products women will flock to them, which is appealing to their target market. Old Spice (Axe’s top competitor) appeals to a wider demographic using humor, making Axe the go to choice for men.

This Dove advertisement shows young girls who are unhappy with the way that they look. It appeals to the emotion of older women as many can relate to these feelings. Through this advertisement Dove shows that they are trying to change these feelings in young girls and people can help achieve this goal by buying their products. Dove’s mission of natural beauty is evident at the end of the commercial proving their brands positioning on the subject of natural beauty.

Based on this advertisement the brand positioning of Axe is quite clear: use this product and every woman will want you. The