Marketing plan Essay

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1. Background
Innisfree is a natural brand that shares the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju allowing for vibrant beauty and pursues an eco-friendly green life to preserve the balance of nature. Innisfree’s snail mask, which is our new product, is this marketing plan’s character. Snail Mask is very popular and its market growth is stable because snail mask is very useful to protect and repair the skin. Our target market is the middle class and the reaches of customers are both female and male. Also, age distribution is about 21 to50 years old. Besides, the competition of the marketing is come from different countries such as Etude house, Nature republic in Korea, Shu uemura Shiseido in Japan and Lancôme, Estee lauder
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They can get it from our shop in Mong Kok . It can increase the chance of contacting target customer and free trial product can make users give us a feedback.
TV advertising
It is the most effective idea of advertising, because TV is common in this 21st century, TV is in everywhere. Although using TV adverting is expensive, it can contact with target customer effectively. We will ask our advertising endorser to film an advertisment for our products. Also it must be high frequency of showing at night, it can focus on the couples’ market
Youtube channel
Youtube is the most popular video-share website in the world. Every video starts playing on youtube, you must watch a small advertisement first, but the time only have fifteen seconds. We can make a short advertisment and still including our advertising endorser.

We will organise some street promotion in other to attract people who do not use Facebook regularly. And we will hire some models to distribute some trial product to the pedestrian who fit our target group.

7. Budget for promotion
The total budget is $700000 HKD.

Advertising Endorser---------$300000HKD (it has a discount already, because we are the local company of Korea)

Mtr Station and Bus stop-------------$100000HKD

Facebook-----------$10000HKD (including the sample, the salaries of technology team)

TV advertising---------------$200000HKD