Essay on Advice in the 21st Century

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Daniela Rodriguez

ESL 102 Ramirez

February 14, 2013

Advice in the 21st century The negative impacts of the internet, social media and video games are some issues that affect children today. However, these technologies can be accessed through several devices such as personal computers, smart phones and electronic tablets. The advice I would give parents on how to prevent negative impacts of technology on their children in the 21st century would be to modify children’s habits regarding technology.
First, I would advise parents to get their children involved in activities outside the home to avoid negative impacts of the internet. Too much time on the computer may lead to internet addiction and increase risk of exposure to child predators and pornography. Therefore, parents’ should monitor computer usage and internet sites that their children navigate. Furthermore, parents need to get involved in their children’s physical activities by motivating them to become more active. Such activities would include walks, trips on bicycles and joining outdoor sports. This will prevent increased exposure to the negative impacts of internet.
Next, have your children complete their homework before they use their social media or video games. Children’s grades are negatively affected due to overuse of video games and social media. Parents should ensure that their children read daily and complete there school projects before accessing technology for pleasure. In this