Affection of My Heart Essay

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In old legend there live 3 queen’s born from the Sea’s , the Earth, and the Moon along with different year’s .Each were guarded by powerful demon’s ruler’s born of unknown blood.

And 4 young woman are chosen to save the world. Our 1st up is latino beauty Rosa Juan with the faith of a tiger lily and the hope of rose and there Kikki Johnson she got truth by her side and love in her heart ,But for her cousin Miss Emerald Macklin care for justice an yet (Emma) courage is her best quality .but her friend Kitaru Smith or Yin for short , she our little gothic witch who love darkness but deep inside her light was Yin gift. AN last but not least our youngest flower, her name is Millennia young(blood) or Moon for short and she has a lot to learn. Anyhow moon-chan is well know as the princess of Lily Bright High School  (Home of the water dragon’s !) and for our youngest friend she got alot 2 learn. Her name is Millennia young(blood) or Moon for short. she a 15 year old in the 10th grade ,but also Moon is know to be a true princess beyond of classmate until she meet her new sweet heart name Tykomaru Ginbolee ,Komaru a 18 year old 12th grader wonder for the blood of his formal lover. On his way to his new school he found a young woman on the ground crying . Hello ? Are you ok miss? He asked until the young girl turn and appear her sweet face :soft brown skin ,rosie lips, & silver/blue . She replied (I hurt my knee on the way to the school.) komaru face