African American and Younger Black Person Essay

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1. The kind of person that the speaker seems to be is a Negro person, because he is constantly getting in trouble with whites, and he is always being called a nigger when someone white is referring to him. Also in the beginning of the passage he stated how he needed to learn how to live as a Negro when he was quite small.

2. The speaker of this passage seems to be trying to teach a lesson on what he had to learn in order to survive. The audience would be a younger black person who has never had to experience what he experienced.

3. The relationship seems to be quite meaningful he shares his deepest fillings and thoughts through the Jim Crow period.

4. The central idea that this text develops is how blacks dreamed the time of Jim Crow had to learn to live a life where they were submissive, and afraid of their white counter parts in order to live and work in order to just survive day to day.

5. The text is developed through a variety of stories that the author experienced describing situation that he encountered, growing up, and working during the Jim Crow era.

6. The text is organized in a manner that allows us to follow the author as he grows up and learns these lessons of survival. The arrangement helps the development of the text, because it allows the audience to grow with the author from a child to a man.

7. The context of the text is an intimate story telling experience where someone is talking to a group of people in the black…