Effects Of Racism On African America

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Jonathan Julion
February 9, 2013
Thesis 4
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Hypertension afflicts 50 million Americans and is most common in African Americans, who are 40% more likely to suffer from it than whites. In addition to studies, which found that genetic differences promote hypertension in African Americans, several medical studies have concluded that racism, which causes psychosocial stress, leads to hypertension and life-threatening illnesses in the black population.

Institutional Racism in America: the 21st Century Jim Crow

I firmly believe that America is the greatest country on the earth and it is truly a land of opportunity for all. The American dream is alive and well and many people of all races have had tremendous success. With these positives in place, it is no wonder why there have been so many incredible achievements by African Americans in the 21st century to include the obvious - the first black president.
It is also true however that for far too many black men and women there is a shadowy specter of racism that impacts every aspect of life from schooling to employment. This institutional racism forms an invisible barrier that many white people cannot see, many black people do not understand and many African Americans cannot avoid. Today we shine the light on institutional racism so that we can know it, avoid it, and ultimately eliminate it.
In addressing this topic it is important to acknowledge that the racism of today is not your father's or your grandfather's racism. Sure there are still backwards hicks, clueless xenophobes[->0], the KKK and other hate groups that berate, attack and even kill people of color.