The Importance Of Education

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Danielle House The Importance of Education
If you actively push your children to come to school, you’re much more likely to keep them in school. When I was in high school, there were students that I knew who didn’t care too much for school, didn’t care to do the work, or wasn’t interested all. Students came to school to socialize, have fun and not care about their future. According to the U.S Department of Education the high school graduation rate has reached 80 percent, the highest in American history. Nationally, girls had a higher graduation rate, at 84 percent, while boys had a rate of 77 percent. What is happening here? I think that students who develop meaningful relationships with their teachers are more likely to succeed and not dropout of high school. However, students need to feel like what they are learning is relevant to them in order to stay engaged because working while going to school can be a distraction. We shouldn’t allow children to drop out of high school due to working dead end jobs and not keeping school a first priority
I’m against working while going to school for the simple fact that some jobs are uneducational in a lot of ways. It doesn’t give useful skills on education. It interferes with school work and shows poor academic performances. The consequences of leaving high school without a diploma are severe and can lead you to a minimum wage labor marketing jobs. Working gets in the way of your education so I think its best that students wait.

I think students should get an education and then find a job that helps motivate them learn something that will benefit them in a career or later on in life. Education is important, most importantly it gives you the opportunity to make something of yourself, you won’t regret it once that diploma is in your hand and you’re off to college. Working while going to school is difficult, students have to be able