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AP Human Geography

Chapter 11: Agriculture


Field Note: Changing Greens
Read pages (Black Book: 328-330 / Red Book: 349-351) and answer the following questions.

1. How did Roundup Ready soybeans change where soybeans are grown?

The soybeans can now be grown in more arid places

2. How has organic agriculture grown in the US?

Twenty percent since 1980 from 200 million to 1.5 billion in 1990 to 10 billion in 2003

3. Where are organic foods grown and sold?
United states canada Japan and Europe

4. Organic agriculture is growing in popularity. List 3 reasons for this trend.

Farmers can extract themselves to a degree from the control of large external corporate interests. Environmental benefits- no pesticides or chemicals. More money goes directly to the producers from the organic trader

Vocabulary terms: Organic agriculture

Key Question 1: What is Agriculture, and Where did Agriculture Begin?
Read pages (Black Book: 331-339 / Red Book: 351- 360) and answer the following questions.

1. Who and what consume US agricultural products?

Half of the product goes to people and Half go to feeding our cattle

2. Compare/contrast Canada & Guatemala with regards to economic activities.

Guatemala - 22.7 percent of the income comes from Agriculture but 50 percent of the labor force is employ in agriculture
Canada - 2.3 percent comes from agriculture 3 percent of the labor force is employed in agriculture 3. What do these numbers tell us about the development of these countries?

They tell us what stage they are in regards to their economic activities, and weather they are core peripheral or semi peripheral

4. What percentage of the US population farms? Less than 2 How do others support that sector? Working in the tertiary sector as research scientists and working at universities 5. In 1950, 1 farmer in the US could feed 27_____ people. Today, he/she can feed
______135. What is this increase due to?
The mechanization of agriculture

6. US farm size is shrinking. growing


7. Support the following statement: Before agriculture, people supported themselves in various ways throughout North America.
Throughout northern America people harvested nuts ate caught salmon attacked caribou to keep nutrition up

8. Through creating tools__________ & controlling fires_________, humans altered their environments, establishing more reliable food supplies.

9. Give an example to show how nomadism is an example of cyclic movement.

Nomadism is an example of cyclic movement because the way they migrate could be seasonal for example in the summer months they travel to where there are buffalo

10. Where does Carl Sauer believe agriculture began and why?

In lands of plenty because only in the lands of plenty could the society afford to do experiments with raising plants and taking time to capture animals

11. Where did the first cultivation of seed crops take place? What is that known as?

Nile river valley in north Africa it is known as the fertile crescent

12. Discuss some changes that accompanied plant domestication.

Plants change because people would choose the plants of the larger seeds. The grain and wheat products barely grew in the warming climate of southwest Asia
13. Which crops originated in…

SE Asia-taro yams bananas

SW Asia-wheat barely

Mesoamerica- maize squash beans

14. How did diffusion affect world food production? Give an example of a hearth you were surprised to discover for a particular crop. Use Table 11.1

Diffusion of crops and seeds was greatly accelerated by traded and communications networks established with mercantilism and colonialism

15. What were the advantages of animal domestication?

Beasts of burden, meat providers, milk providers, stimulated rapid