Aha Moment Reflection

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Reflection on the client at the end of the semester:
Were the short and long term goals met?
D.B.’s progress towards meeting the goals is ongoing. It was noted that D.B. made satisfactory progress using verb tenses during a structured language task. He is expected to achieve this goal. D.B. made satisfactory progress formulating simple sentences with correct subject-verb agreement during a structured language task. He is expected to achieve this goal. D.B. made gradual progress describing nouns. Although D.B. showed less progress than anticipated, he may still achieve this goal.
Why do you think they were/weren’t met?
I believe that D.B. demonstrated progress towards his goals because they were targeted during structured language tasks. Structured activities were beneficial for D.B. because they provided him with guidelines about how to complete a task.
Although D.B. was in a small group, I feel that he would benefit more from an individual session as he sometimes became distracted by the other students.
Comment on goals and
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During a session, I had read the group a short story about basketball. D.B. was very interested in the story and informed me about a few of his favorite sports afterwards. This was an “aha” moment because I realized that he was motivated by sports and decided to use that to develop his language skills. For example, when working on his describing goal, D.B. was asked to describe different types of sports equipment.
Discuss one thing you learned by working with this client.
After observing my supervisor working with him initially, I felt that I was able to gain a better understanding of how to go about working with D.B. I learned how to improve expressive language skills in many ways such as through the use of visual and verbal support. Working with D.B. also taught me how important it is to incorporate a client’s interests into therapy sessions as it can produce positive