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Jamie Schnittker
Business Ethics
Hospital Chain Inquiry Cited Unnecessary Cardiac Work This article is about a nurse who finds out that a surgeon at her hospital who is performing unnecessary heart surgeries on some of his patience. This worried her because it put the patients in necessary danger so she alerted the authorities. After an investigation it was found that this was being down at a whole chain of hospitals. Even after being convicted HCA a was found to not be doing their job to alert the families and medicare of the compensation they owe them. The HCA tried to fraud Medicare and patients to up their costs and make more money. I think it is a terrible that these people would put patience in the danger of surgery just to make an extra buck. Hospitals should make sure to do a good job making sure that patients are in need of these surgeries before they are performed.
Taking Double Cut, Surgeons Implant Their own Devices This article is a bout Gary Moore and how he need spinal fusion surgery but he died because of the operation. The patient was told that surgery was the best option because many of the other treatments had not been effective. However this was a very biased opinion because the surgeon operating had crated the equipment that was going inside the patient which meant he could not only charge the patient for surgery but also for the implant. This has given many surgeons the incentive to perform surgery on patients who do not necessarily need it. I think that it is really disappointing that in the past to article doctors have put people in harms way by performing dangerous surgery on patience who do not need it and in this case the patient died. I think laws definitely need to be put in place to prevent surgeons from using their on implant it may be cheaper but if they are going to take advantage of it that is immoral and unethical.
With Fewer Barbarians at the Gate, Companies Face a New Pressure This article talks about about hostile takeover when a big companies takes over a small company by buying it out. The article goes on to say that these takeovers might be on there to being a thing of the past because in recent years the number of take overs has gone way down. This may be do to laws that protect companies because they are so important to some states. But really the decline is do to companies not be so interested anymore and trying to focus more on their own. Business. The decline has cause many smaller companies to push their company less and not worry of about effectiveness and stock prices because there is less push from takeovers. This can be bad for investors. In the end I don't think takeovers are such a bad thing because it can force businesses to really push to achieve higher stock prices but sometimes these takeovers can lead to putting employees and the smaller company at high risk.
When Executive Turns Buyout Adviser, Alarm Bell Go Off This article is about higher former executives of a company to be a buyout adviser when purchasing this company. The article asks if this gives one company and unfair advantage and if it crosses the line. One specific case would be former executive of Gardener Denver Mr. Pennypacker who worked with Kohlberg Kravis to buy the company. Often companies higher a veteran of the company they are trying to purchase to be an adviser but in this case it was so soon after the the chief executives resignation. Then there was a huge dispute over whether Mr. Pennypacker gave away any confidential information which he denied and said he used only public information. I find this hard to believe but I still do not really see a problem I think a business should