Should The Alcohol Code Of Advertising Be Made Tougher?

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Should the Alcohol code of advertising be made tougher?
Drinking alcohol plays a big part of being an Australian, but how do you know when the part becomes too big? Drinking is very popular for young adults but now it is becoming more frequent for high school students to be consuming significant amounts. The Australian Drug foundation found that Australian teenagers are drinking less often, but consuming more alcohol at one session.
Recent research has established that fruit-flavoured alcoholic drinks are being targeted at young people. These new alcohol products on the market that are sweeter and don’t taste like alcohol make it a lot easier for a teenager consume. Aclopops have colourful designed which make it highly visible to young people and bright colours get young people’s attention very easily.
Mat Baxter, a marketing executive behind vodka-based drinks said, the drinks are very much about masking the alcohol taste. When you’re young your palate is tuned for sugary drinks.
Mr Misell from a UK article, said that more money was spent on promoting alcohol than on campaigns designed to raise awareness on drinking problems. He said, ‘The Alcohol industry in the UK spends an estimated 800 million each year promoting products’. The problem is, that alcohol companies use a a strategy, even though they claim they just want to promote the product, but in fact they are encouraging viewers to drink more.
Considering what is said in the article and from my own research