Alejandro Translation And Activities

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Lucas Bell
April 15, 2012
Spanish 8
Alejandro translation and activities

The next morning the Toledo family decided to take a trip from madrid to toledo, an old city about 40 miles south of Madrid. Everyone got up early except Alejandro.

S: Alejandro everyones already up sleepy head
A: I did not sleep well the whole night i dreamt about lions
S: LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: Sometimes I ran after the lions and some times they ran after me and sometimes el Cid ran after the lion
I: Lions, el Cid, what an imagination you have
M: How foolish are you?
A: And you're a nerd an a dork

Alejandro was very proud of those american words that he saw in a north american movie. Miguel throws a pillow at Alejandro. Alejandro throws his under ware at Miguel. It landed on his head. He screamed. Isabel threw her socks at Miguel but he was bending over and it his their dad in the face. Everybody laughed. There were clothes everywhere.

S: Enough children clean your room, we have to get ready to leave!

30 minutes later the family ate breakfast at the hotel. Mr. Toledo rented a car and they left. The trip took an hour. The kids spent time counting all the blue cars that they saw. Finally the got to toledo. Alejandro liked the idea of visiting a city with the same name as his family. 1st they went to the famous marzipan factory in Toledo. Marzipan is a candy that is made with sugar and almonds the candy has the form of fruit animals and flowers. Now the Toledo family wants to