Alexander Hamilton Influence

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“History has its eyes on you” is belted out by George Washington as he emphasizes the power of the written word in history (Diggs). Words have the power to change an individual and the world. I believe in the power of the word to create a story that challenges people to examine greater issues. History forces us to make decisions based on past experiences. One of our founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, used writing to support his point of view as he built his life in America. Like Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda looked at the past in order to change the present. He adapted a piece of history to meet today’s culture when he combined Hamilton’s story and hip-hop. His hit Broadway musical Hamilton: An American Musical demonstrates how writing can be powerful. History lasts, it festers under our skin and emerges when we least expect it in a new form dictated by the words. I believe in Hamilton: An American Musical. …show more content…
Hamilton grew up in the Caribbean. In 1772, he wrote a letter describing a hurricane in his town, which soon became his ticket to America. During the American Revolution, Hamilton wrote Washington’s letters and reports regarding the Continental Army. Later, in 1787-1788 he collaborated with John Jay and James Madison to write The Federalist Papers which defended the new Constitution. Hamilton’s writing impacted his own life and lives of American’s today. Just like Hamilton’s writing effected his life, writing influences my life daily. Writing is used today for quick bursts of communication. The text messages I send to my friend everyday impacts my relationships even if trivial. I use writing to express my thoughts and ideas about the world, just like Alexander Hamilton. My writing may not change the world, but it changes a small piece of my