Alexander Hamilton's Accomplishments

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Throughout the history of man, political leaders have gained power as a result of birth order, force, or popular election. During the eighteenth century, political reform became an area of interest to Americans. After the Revolutionary War, interest grew in learning more about scientific research. Alexander Hamilton was an American political leader, who was an aid-de-camp to George Washington during the Revolutionary War, and founded the first American political party, the Federalists.
His early life and experiences influence his later accomplishments. Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11th, 1755, on the Island of Nevis in the British West Indies. Alexander Hamilton was the son of James Hamilton, a scotsman, and Rachel Faucett Lavien,
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Elizabeth Schuyler was from a wealthy New York family(Brookhiser 32). The couple had eight children together: Philip, Angelica, Alexander, James Alexander, John Church, William Stephen, Eliza, and another Philip(“Alexander Hamilton”). The second Philip was named after the first because the first was killed in a duel in 1801(Morris 739).
One of his many accomplishments is that he was a member of the Continental Congress from November 1782 to July 1783(Byers 96). Alexander Hamilton was the founder and director of the Bank of New York which was started in February of 1784(Morris 738). Hew as known as one of New York’s most distinguished attorneys. Also he was one of the twelve delegates to go to the Annapolis Convention of 1786(Byers 96).
Aaron Burr, one of his enemies, challenged him to a duel on July 11th, 1804(Byers 98), in Weehawken, New Jersey(Morris 739). Alexander Hamilton was shot first and died the next day in New York City(Byers 98). His widow, Elizabeth Schuyler, survived him for fifty years(Morris 739). Alexander Hamilton is known as the boldest and most creative thinker of his time(Brookhiser