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History 121
Book Analysis “All But My Life”
February 15, 2013
All But My Life All But My Life is a memoir about a young Jewish girl, Gerda Weissmann, who was able to endure the hardships of World War II and the Holocaust. Gerda went through and saw more horrific things in the matter of a few years than any of us will ever have to face in our lifetimes. The fact that a girl this young and hopeless can withstand so much pain but yet contain so much strength should be an inspiration to all. Reading this book really opened my eyes to what the world can bring. After reading Gerda’s journey, I will never again complain of times being tough or depressing in my life. This book really meant a lot to me for that very reason. It is amazing that
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After spending some time threading supplies for the German army in Landeshut, Gerda is transported to her final concentration camp in May of 1944, Grunberg (166). After spending a significant amount of time in Grunberg the group is transported toward Germany. Gerda feels that the end of the war may be very near. As the march continues on the group ends up in helmbrechts barracks in the spring of 1945 (194). The group spends about a month in the barracks of Helmbrechts with less than half the amount of people left than they had started with. With just a couple hundred girls remaining the mere group left heads toward Czechoslovakia (201). In May of 1945 Gerda and a handful of others arrive in Volary as the war slowly comes to an end (207).
During her journey, Gerda is influenced by numerous people. Some she knew prior to leaving Bielitz and others she met along the way. All of which influenced every one of Gerda’s actions. Gerda would lose all of these people except for one. Gerda’s brother, Arthur, may have been the most influential person to her. He was there since her childhood and they acted as best friends. When Gerda was sixteen she saw her brother for the last time as he was called to leave Bielitz (21). Gerda had enormous love for her family and her mother and father and also Niana were also very influential to her. Her father was her salvation. If not for what he had told her about suicide she may not