Essay on Alternative Fuels

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Alternative gas is a made up of components other than petroleum, most times the alternative gases are made to produce less pollution in the air. Ethanol for instance, fuel is made up of corn, sugar cane, and grasses. There are different types of Ethanol like; Ethanol10 and Ethanol15 “are blends of ethanol and gasoline—the number after the "E" indicates the percentage of ethanol.” (,2007) There are also gases like Biodiesel, It’s produced through vegetable oils, and animal fat. These elements contain less of a chance to produce air pollutants in the air than the petroleum-based diesel “Domestically produced from non-petroleum, renewable resources,”(,2007) Renewable gases are recycled greases obtained from restaurants, the grease is biodegradeable which is defined as having the ability to be broken down into its natural base compounds by living organisms.
The natural gas contained of fossil fuels, in this gas is methane. Methane is a hydrocarbon gas that is an organic compound, these gases and oils mixed together make the cleanest burning alternative fuel (,2007) for cars and trucks. Hydrogen gas also does not exude air pollutants “it produces only nitrogen oxides (NOx) when burned in ICEs.” (,2007) ICEs being defined as Internal Combustion Engines, these engines specifically function on diesel fuels. Liquefied petroleum gas is another fossil fuel that can produce less amounts of harmful emissions. There are a limited amount of cars that can operate on LPG fuels, some vans and other small cars can operate on LPG fuels, but the vehicles must be converted to use propane fuels.
After reviewing the possible alternative fuels and the benefits of operating a vehicle on fuels with less probability of pollution in the air could give hope for the future and the ozone