Alternative And Advanced Fuels Over Regular Gasoline

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Thus is a fact filled paper describing the differences between ethanol usages over regular gasoline. The main points discuss the impact on the environment, performance issues and accessibility. Some audience members will argue that the performance decrease from running ethanol does not outweigh the potential benefit it could have on the environment.
By using facts from a government site like the U.S. Department of Energy as well as articles from the college’s library, these may provide us some credibility as to the accuracy of information about the writer’s topics. The image/graph provided shows where the popularity in gasoline usages, besides the words telling us the information the image reinforces what the writer is conveying in his argument. The image/diagram referred to is from an article on the U.S. Department of Energy site; the article that is referred is titled “Alternative & Advanced Fuels under Ethanol – Station Locations”. By using a credible source to back up your argument it will provide you and your argument with reliability.
Besides using a diagram to illustrate the argument, the articles that were chosen to provide the accuracy within the credibility and reliability in the argument. The articles that were chosen have been updated in 2012, by have this information on these chosen article this confirms the accuracy of the sources. By using multiple sources it will provide different points and facts.
To better the argument clarification as well as the