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Industry Insiders Course: FTV 310/510 Spring 2014
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Sid Caesar was just great in this show. He plays "Lou Bundles," a veteran magician, a guy who has performed at this same nightclub for 50 years!
Lou Bundles was once a very famous illusionist. He is still performing, but often his tricks don't work any more. He can't accept that he is getting too old for the job. Just after he talks the boss into not firing him, Lou takes a trip into an old magic shop and buys a deck of old playing cards. These cards are amazing and pretty, soon Lou is talking to them as if they were human. The cards help him to be successful again. But they are old, like Lou, and it seems they are getting tired, too... This was an excellent show and some great work by Caesar.
Steven Bochco created one of the most popular series of the '80s. L.A. Law introduced us to many of the particulars of a law firm: The staff meeting, administrative hearings, appellate court argument, as well as almost all aspects of criminal and civil litigation.
A bored housewife is dared by her friend to pick up a guy which she does. He takes her to a hotel room but when they arrive there's a guy already there. The guy who brought her there pulls out a gun and kills the man there. She runs away and calls McCall but she doesn't want her husband to know what happened. When she tells him what happened, McCall deduces that the man is professional killer so they go to the police and she tells her husband. But the assassin tracks her down through her friend.
Robert McCall is not out to be a hero, he's out to help an individual, a couple, someone lost, someone who can't fight for themselves. "The Equalizer" was an action-adventure TV series unlike any that I had ever seen before. It effectively mixed