Amazon's Mission Statement

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1-What does it mean to have the mission, “the earth’s most customer-centric company? How well is Amazon achieving this mission?
Mission statements define who you are, what you believe, and why you exist. They lay out the guiding principles by which you run your business. They set the course and tone by which your organization and all your employees operate.
Amazon’s mission statement is clear and bold. They seek to be the best-not the best online retail site in America or even North America, but the world-“Earth’s most customer centric company.” No one, no customer or employee can question this company’s focus and position. They set the bar high and they have backed their words up through performance.
I think they are going good on it.
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Also online marketers should be careful consumer protection laws in the US.
In US, laws protect the authors and producers I think the copyright laws could affect the online marketers.
6- What are the strengths and weakness of Amazon’s pricing strategy? How do its prices compare with competitors on specific books? On these specific books, how do amazon’s prices compare with brocks-and-mortar retailers such as Walmart or Costo, ultimately, libraries and electronic reference sources?
Amazon’s delivery logistics has set the standard for product delivery through e-commerce channels. Amazon’s use of economies of scope is at the heart of its success. Using its massive IT infrastructure and delivery systems to deliver the widest range of products.
Although Amazon’s strength comes from its online presences only, it is also a weakness in that a lot of people want the touch and feel method of shopping. One of Amazon’s weaknesses is operating at very low margins, which at times can be zero. While this strategy has pushed competition out of the market, its long-term effects drive profits down. Amazon, in it pursuit of every advantage has come under fire for its avoidance tactics when it comes to paying taxes, working conditions in some warehouses and anti-competitive actions; all of which garner negative publicity.
Many of sites offer lower process than amazon causing the company to shifts its promotional pricing to free shipping over a specified