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Deductive Paragraphs on American Education

Our country’s education system is in need of reform. America has come a long way in building the education system since 3500 BC when the first academy was built. Of course it has; it has been thousands of years. Even comparing the education system today with the way it was one hundred years ago like the dean of Columbia School of Journalism Nicholas Lemann did in his entry in The New Yorker is pretty far fetched. He stated that only eight and a half percent of Americans had a high school degree a hundred years ago, and now there are roughly one sixth of the population in high schools today (Lemann, 1). But there are too many differences in America today and America in the early 1900’s to compare the two. Not only has the education system changed since then, but America as a whole country has grown. Education is more important than working now a days, it is normal for more women to be educated in high school and higher education, ect. Seyward Darby puts it well when he says “It’s one thing to say we’ve come a long way, it’s quite another to suggest we’re doing pretty well today” (Darby, 2). It has definitely grown and people have recognized the power and the importance of education, but there is still a lot of work to be done with an education system that is just okay.
Schools are popping up more often, but that does not mean that they are all great schools with qualified staff. A school in the ghetto is much different than a school built in a rich suburbia. The rich schools have more money to spend on books and materials, sports teams, and they have a wider range of teachers to choose from because more people