American Education Essay

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Education, Still on Top? Higher education is an elemental human right and necessary for everybody in our society. It is a remarkable tool for those socially and economically marginalized children and adults can make their dreams came true. Higher education is the right given to everyone in this society to have an opportunity to be educated in their preference without any obstacles. Having a good education can provide a chance of holding a good paying career. Also a good higher education can offer more opportunities to accomplish your achievement. Being in college can teach people how to respect others, and people would have more freedom to choose their own classes, which would be more benefit of getting the career they wanted to. However, the reality is cruel. There are lots of issues putting people out of education. For instance, bad economy led to major budget cut of higher education; job and school have overlap schedule that is an unavoidable situation, and once students choose work over school attendance at school would be impossible; taking care their families as well as another reason why people drop out colleges. Nevertheless, most reasons are solvable, but the first one huge amount of budget cut of higher education is an unsolvable problem that occurring in the America. I believe that if political leaders keep cutting money from school, the American higher education quality will go down. In America public education is somehow going down. Something that the facts society cannot deny is more and more students using the old textbook and having trouble to buy a textbook without financial support. A report from UCLA’s Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access said “In 2011, California public schools struggle to provide all students with a quality education amidst economic crisis and deep cuts to education spending”. Does this sad in our society? The whole society has to pay it off, because our political leaders and greedy banks made wrong decisions. The American higher education is gradually losing its edge in the world that we once dominated. According to the Los Angeles Times “California’s community colleges, already suffering from steep funding cuts, are facing a yawning hole in their budgets this year. The Community College League of California said Tuesday that plummeting revenue from student fees and a dip in property tax revenue has created a $149-million deficit. The bad news comes as the colleges are coping with $415 million in state budget cuts this year”. Our political leaders think that cutting education budget is the way to solve government’s financial pressure while a lot of countries are spending more money on their higher education system each year. I can understand government lately has lots of trouble to balance their budget, but this does not mean cutting money for colleges and making more students receive fee waivers are the fair way to deal with the state budget. As well as, budget cut in higher education comes with bad quality. I am now taking community colleges in southern California; I am more or less effected by the education budget cut, because at least one third of classes already been cut since early 2011. There are numbers of empty classrooms in the school have not been used. A lot of students barely can register the classes they wanted to, because school only offers limited courses to students in each section. Some poor students failed to listen to professors, because they are still waiting for funding from state government to buy a textbook. This is happening in our college. Government behavior is not only making students drop out of school, but also causing teachers lost their jobs. Full time teachers became part time, and many part time teachers became layoff. Even so part time teachers barely can support their lives, because school only offers them one or two class each semester. According to Melissa Kelly “Teachers feel the brunt of