Public Education Is Failing Summary

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Journalist Tom DeWeese wrote “Public Education is Failing,” published in 2007 in the, and he claims that the recent reform of the educational system purposely devalues students’ intellect. In his article, DeWeese emphasizes that the American educational system is inadequately educating students because it de-emphasizes education, structures education toward the psychological aspects through manipulation, and funds the educational system with more money. As president of the American Policy Center, an organization that opposes government control and favors protection of natural rights, DeWeese describes how the government’s federal programs have affected many students in their educational development. Ultimately, DeWeese begins building his credibility with reliable sources and several facts, as well as statistical datum. However, at the end of the article, his attempts to establish emotional appeals and ethos weaken his credibility and ultimately, his argument.
DeWeese first establishes his argument by illustrating a couple reports that compare the academic abilities of American students to that of other students around the world. The results
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DeWeese begins the argument by presenting several statistics and facts that demonstrate how the public education system is failing because the government is unable to knowledge the real problem, such as the federal programs. In the middle of his argument, DeWeese establishes pathos by analyzing the parents’ perspective about the American education system. However, DeWeese’s shift to a criticizing tone makes the readers feel underestimated because they are purposely being devalued by the current educational system. By establishing sufficient appeals to pathos and a scholarly tone, DeWeese could have effectively persuaded his audience to take action for a more effective education