American Imperialism Dbq

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As America grew day by day, so did the nation's power. By the turn of the 19th century, US imperialism came to many territories and regions. Many nations, such as the Philippines and China, would experience the ripple US imperialism created. During the era of US imperialism, many wars, key events, and policies would happen and significantly change the country. There were many intentions the United States had in mind, that were both good and bad. The United States decided to spread imperialism for multiple reasons. Searching for new markets and natural resources was one significant reason for US imperialism as “the United States now had a surplus of goods and needed new places to sell them. . . . we've given access to more resources and inputs. …show more content…
in order to protect their stake in Chinese affairs. An American-European alliance of troops was formed. The superior military power of this alliance killed thousands and quickly crushed the Boxer Rebellion” (Objective 3.4 -- The Expanding American Empire 5:49-6:34). Meanwhile, the United States would see a significant gain from imperialism as the nation was able to expand trade, create territories, and grow politically and economically. The only problem however was the United States did many horrible things during the imperialism era and tried to justify it as “people were steamrolled, a lot of racist and prejudicial ideas were used to justify some of these actions” (“Mini-Lecture From the Professor: Week 3” 14:07-14:12). While many countries involved did see some benefits from US imperialism, a lot of people were killed and nations were solely used for economic gain. In conclusion, the Imperialism era in American History is quite a significant moment. America was able to expand across the world, whether it was for economic, political, or cultural reasons. The expansion would contribute to the United States becoming a powerhouse full of control and wealth. It is important to remember that America had some bad intentions when