American Revolution Essay

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How revolutionary was the American Revolution?

One of the most important American leaders of the American Revolution, George Washington states that the enemy (The British) leaves them no choice but to bravely resist. They either win, or they die… but if they die, they are not dying for no reason but for their country’s honor. A revolution is a sudden or complete marked change in something. Some revolutions may cause little change while others can cause dramatic changes. Lets talk about revolution, in specific, the American Revolution. The American Revolution was caused by many reasons, one of them being taxation without representation, etc. The Americans revolted against Great Britain. So, how revolutionary was the American Revolution? Overall the American Revolution caused a dramatic change in everything; hence, we can say that the American Revolution was pretty revolutionary. There was a huge change politically wise, socially, and as well as a change in economics. Although, some may say that the American Revolution wasn’t as revolutionary because the rich still had more power and women still had little rights and because there were still slaves. To some extent that was true in the beginning after the American Revolution ended, but things dramatically changed over time. Before, the social class you were born into was the social class you stayed in for the rest of your life, which changed after the American Revolution. We are now able to come from a not so wealthy family and work hard to change our future and become wealthy, educated people, which you weren’t able to do before the American Revolution. Women gained rights and equality on August 18,1920. Sure, women gained rights 137 years after the American Revolution but keep in mind that it would’ve never happened if the American Revolution hadn’t occurred. America also abolished slavery on December 6, 1865 and we would’ve most likely still have slavery to this day if it weren’t for the American Revolution. Therefore, yes the American Revolution was pretty darn revolutionary if you ask me. There was a political change after the American Revolution in which the colonist rejected monarchy and instead adopted democracy as a form of government. Monarchy is a form of government in which a king or queen rules a country. Democracy is basically a government ruled by the people in which the people get to elect representatives and vote for laws. The colonist had enough of the British government; they felt that they were only considered British subjects when British needed them to do something that would benefit them (the British). In 1770 some slaves and colonist worked together to destroy or bring down King George the III’s statue in New York. They worked together because they had a common enemy. (Document 1) I can infer what motivated the colonist to want to destroy the kings statute which is the Boston massacre that had just happened on March 5, 1770 which only made the colonists rage towards the king grow stronger. The Boston massacre was a street fight between British soldiers and colonist or patriots, the patriots began throwing snowballs, stones and sticks to the British soldiers and the soldiers fired into the crowd killing 5 and wounding 11 men. Also, colonist felt as if they didn’t have a say in anything. The British began raising the taxes on everything and the colonists felt it was unfair because they were not properly being represented in parliament, which is where the saying “No taxation without representation” comes from. They had someone “representing” the colonist but it wasn’t someone who knew what the colonist had to go through so nobody was really speaking up for them or for they’re needs, also they didn’t get to elect the representative, he was appointed by the British government. The revolutionary war caused a huge social revolution. People began to think of themselves as free men and women who had natural rights and didn’t have to be controlled