An Analysis Of Maslow's Goals

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Her goals during her childhood and prior her accident:
Being very successful doing sport LONG TERM GOALS
Being really driven to realize her potential INDIVIDUAL GOALS
Obsessive goal: 88 Olympics at Calgary LONG TERM GOALS Her goals before the accident:
Learning how to walk LONG TERM GOALS
Learning to fly LONG TERM GOALS
Giving more love INDIVIDUAL GOALS
Having children LONG TERM GOALS
Helping people writing books, telling her story INDIVIDUAL GOALS AND INTERMEDIATE GOALS
Focusing on the wellness and the things that she can do INDIVIDUAL GOALS
Being grateful for life INDIVIDUAL GOALS
a) Janine explains that Maslow said, "Our greatest need is to realise our potential," and to her, that is what drives her. She also explains that the top of the pyramid is being self-actualisation, but that she is a long way, she haven’t gone to the top the pyramid and that is what drives her, she is not afraid of hard work.

She says that It's not a painful experience, because there's so much good that has come out of it, so much joy. (Three beautiful children, knowing who I am, knowing what's important, getting perspective in life, being able to give something back, being able to help people).
After her accident she could get a meaning of life. She says "Don't take life too seriously" because you'll cloud the experience. That's what the meaning of life is to her - being able to enjoy the moment. Now she focuses on the